Catholic priests who Molest?

Catholic priests who Molest?

Here is another thing to think about.

The issue of Catholic priests molesting young children is a huge problem.  For some strange reason, these offenders keep getting moved onto new churches to just keep doing what they do, hurting young children.

It seems to me there are priests or people in the church that know about these offenders and are doing nothing about it and not telling anyone.   I was thinking about this issue and happened to say to a friend who is both a pastor and a police chaplain, “If I went to a catholic church and said to the priest, ‘I would like to confess my sins,’ and I go sit in one of the booths, they are not allowed by law to tell anyone what I said.  So after I get in, what would happen if I said, ‘Father, I want to confess my sins?’ And he says, ‘What is it you would like to confess?’ And I say, ‘The fact that I am about to shoot and kill you, and then start killing other priests who molest these little children.'”

My pastor friend said that the priest would have a mandate by law to call the cops and turn me in for threatening to kill the priests.  So I said, “Let me get this straight.  They have a mandate by law to call the cops on me for saying I wanted to kill them, but they don’t have a mandate by law to call the cops on fellow priests for molesting little children.”  The pastor said that pretty much sums it up.

To me, this is the height of hypocrisy.  If it is your life on the line, you cry like a little girl and run and call the cops.  Yet, when you’re hurting young children, you don’t want anyone to know what your doing, so you cover it up and keep it quiet.  Why you priests who are not molesting kids allow others to do this and you cover for them, I don’t understand.  Wow, I would hate to be in your shoes when you stand before God.