You’re Invited

I don’t look for trouble, I send out invitations for trouble. So, if you’re reading this letter, you’re invited to bring the trouble.
Are you a God-hating atheist that thinks they can put a Christian in his/her place and set them straight?

Are you a homosexual who claims to be a Christian and believes the Bible really does allow for the homosexual lifestyle? Do you feel Christians who don’t agree are wrong?

Are you a Mormon, or Muslim, or just some person that feels that what you believe about the Bible does not line up with what the Christians believe?

I love debating. I have studied Mormonism for going on 18 years. I have and am reading the Quran and talking about it on my radio show. I was born and raised an atheist and have debated atheists for years. I also know the Bible and all the homosexual arguments against the Bible.

You’re invited to come on my show and talk with me live over the air and defend your beliefs. But, since my show started in May and I keep putting this invite out live over the air, not one person has written me and asked to come on my show and take me on. I say you cannot and will not since many people cannot handle the truth or debate the truth. But if you’re willing, you can write me at: