Homosexuals, women and Islam

Here is something I would like everyone to think about and would love to hear directly from homosexuals and people who openly support Islam and Muslims. I have noticed over the last few years that many people who have never read the Quran, from the average person who no one has ever heard of to high profile figures, ranging from movie stars, sport stars, singers, and politicians, are claiming things such as coexist, standing together, and even claiming to be Muslim, or women wearing the Hijab. I would like to point some things out for everyone that falls into these groups. I have read the Quran from cover to cover twice. It very clearly teaches Muslims are to KILL HOMOSEXUALS, Christians, and Jews.

For anyone that claims that this simply is not true, then we have an easy solution. Read the Quran. How hard is that? It really bothers me that all these people are so ignorant to think that Islam is a loving peaceful religion that just wants to get along with everyone. Are you people aware that the Quran also teaches that Muslims cannot enter places of worship that are not Muslim? In other words, Muslims are not allowed, according to the Quran, to enter Jewish synagogues, Mormon churches, JW houses of worship, or Christian churches. The Quran teaches we simply cannot get along. If anyone that has never read the Quran and still somehow insists I am wrong because they claim the Muslim’s belief was hijacked, well, that’s because you don’t want to deal with the truth, don’t want to know, and have your head buried in the sand. You can sit down and read the Quran and see all of this for yourself.

Now, for the next part of this.
I notice the homosexuals, and people who claim it’s ok to be gay, want to run around here in America in your safe little space and where you clearly know, you have laws that both side with you and defend you in your belief to stand up and cry, “tolerance.” As a result of this, you guys all claim Muslims and homosexuals can get along. Yet, I never hear about any homosexuals or homosexual movements going to places that are run by Muslims, like Iran, or Iraq, or other places where they openly kill homosexuals. The same goes for women’s groups or women that run around wearing the Hijab. Are you aware that the Quran allows for and teaches women are nothing more than property, can be beaten and sold? Yet again, like the homosexuals, the women are not going over to these Muslim-run countries and marching in the streets and joining hands with the homosexuals and demanding the rights of the women and homosexuals. Why is that? I can tell everyone why. Because, you all know the truth, you all know, you go to these countries and try that, women will be raped, sold into sexual slavery, and some put to death. The homosexuals will simply be executed publicly. Anyone reading this thinks I am wrong, please write me privately or here in public and talk about it. I want to hear from you. fightingfortruth@hotmail.com