Lauren Daigle and Homosexuals

According to Daigle’s logic, “I am not God, I cannot make a judgment”, then I guess she also would be unable to say whether domestic abuse, racism, date rape, or beating up gays for fun are morally wrong. See where this thinking leads to?

This is what happens when we place greater value on “being nice” and on “feelings” rather than on morally and logically consistent thinking. How many millions of homosexual men have died excruciating deaths from AIDS, rectal cancer, etc because Christians didn’t want to “offend them” and so affirmed their self-destructive lifestyles? How many millions more will die?

Scripture is abundantly clear that homosexuality is unnatural sinful behavior. (Romans 1:26-29, I Corinthians 6:9-11) This doesn’t mean you have to hate gays or cannot recognize that many are nice people. I know nice people who commit all sorts of sins. Being nice does not translate into moral perfection.

God is just and we all stand guilty before Him as sinners. We all need to confess our sin and seek the mercy that Christ offers us through His sacrificial death on the cross. God forbid we stand before Him guilty, and unforgiven, because a Christian told us we were just fine the way were.