Update to my website, 4/12/2020

Hello everyone!

This is an update for my website and radio show. My radio show called, “Fighting for Truth,” that was aired on Bible Radio via the Calvary Chapel Saint Paul website, ended when I moved from Saint Paul to Texas. After I moved to Texas, I started to do just podcasts for my website. The focus of my new shows are all about Mormonism. I was asked if I could provide my shows to be aired on Bible Radio, so I, of course, said yes.

I was informed Bible Radio was coming to an end, and my website was also coming to an end. I made an announcement that both were coming to an end. Bible Radio ended early in March of 2020. I was just going to be done myself, as I knew my website was slated to end in April 2020. Well, the pastor from Calvary Chapel Saint Paul wrote me in April and said that Bible radio has been restarted and will be new and improved. He asked me if I could start doing more shows for Bible Radio. I said yes, so I looked into keeping my website. My website has been renewed for another full year. Now, my goal is to get 2 or even 3 new shows posted every week on Mormonism.

You might think, “Well, I don’t care about Mormons,” or “It will really do me no good,” but please pass this info around in case a possible convert from Mormonism might listen, or even a currant active Mormon might listen. Also, if you listen, you might get ideas on how to witness or do things that deal with a group or person, be it atheists or JWs or Muslims, or someone else that you’re dealing with. If you go back into the archives of my “Fighting for Truth” radio show, I have 4 years of shows. There are around 300 of them dealing with all sorts of issues and people. If you stick with the section I am now doing solely on Mormonism, I have 27 shows posted thus far. If you are interested, my email is fightingfortruth@hotmail.com. Please feel free to contact me. If you’re interested in Bible Radio, you can get to it by going here: www.ccsaintpaul.org.

Thanks for listening!

Rick Beaudin