The Great Mask Debate.

Let me start by saying that I am an anti-masker and refuse to wear a mask. For all you people who feel it’s my job to wear a mask to make you feel better or you feel they save lives and I murder people by not wearing one, I want to share some thoughts. I have never received an answer from anyone on this issue. If you feel you can fully answer my questions and provide evidence and FACTS to back it up, I am open to hearing. If all your going to do is repeat nonsense, please don’t waste my time.

There are so-called experts on both sides of this debate.  Some say that masks work and save lives, others say masks do not work and do not save lives. Sadly, either side of this debate you fall on, you can find someone to support your view. Since you can find so-called experts on both sides, and neither side agrees, I must ask: Are they really experts? I also will ask:  What evidence have these so-called experts on either side of this debate brought forward to support their stance?

Technically speaking, anything you cover your face with is a mask.  You can cover your face with a paper plate, and it would be viewed as a mask.
I have seen pictures on the internet of a guy using a pair of underwear as a mask, one guy was using a truck air filter as a mask, and a friend of mine who has really long hair wrapped her hair around her face, and that was accepted as a mask.  Many people who support wearing masks will say, “Doctors and dentists wear masks, so we should also.”

First off, if you really want to use that logic, then let me ask this:  If you surgeon is wearing a pair of underwear, or a dish rag, or bandanna over there face, and they are claiming its a mask, would you let them still work on you?  If you said yes, I will say I think your lying. If you say, “Nope, that’s nuts,” then why do you accept these items as a mask to stop a virus that is supposed to be so deadly that originally it was estimated to kill 2 million or more people? As of 7/27/2020, it is said that about 150,000 thousand people have died from Covid 19. That is a far cry from 2 million.

Now let me ask: How many of those 150,000 have died from just Covid-19? We will never know.  It’s been proven if someone dies from anything – heart attack, fell down the stairs, murder, drowning, car accident, etc- and they had Covid-19, it was stated as they died of Covid-19.  Now, here is something else to think about.  Dr. Fauci first stated publicly that masks don’t work, don’t wear them.   Then, later he claims they do work, we must wear them.  If he cannot make up his mind on if they work or don’t work, how can we trust him? He gave no evidence either way.  Then, to make matters worse, he plays the part of a lying hypocrite. Dr. Fauci was honored with throwing out the first pitch against the New York Yankees.  Dr. Fauci is supposed to be an expert in infectious diseases, and what does he do? He sits in the stands with no mask on. So this guy tells us to wear masks, and he does not wear one.  If he feels they do no good to the point he does not wear one, why should we?

Another question: If this virus is as bad as everyone claims, why do we not have a standard on exactly what mask(s) work? And why don’t they mandate that we wear this certain type? Before you say, “Well, they are for doctors to wear, and anything is better than nothing.”  I would say this:  The masks the doctors and dentists wear are not designed to stop a virus; if they are dealing with a virus, they are pretty much put in a full bio-hazard suit. Then, as I said, dish rags, underwear, hair, or anything you put over your face will not stop a virus, so why give people a false sense of security?

Another issue is that if masks work, then look at what surgeons do.  Wash your hands and arms with soap, up to your elbows, then put on a form fitting mask; once you touch the mask, its considered contaminated.  Yet, all of the mask wearing public is always taking their masks off, then putting it back on, moving and adjusting it, etc, so it contaminated right off the bat and is no good.

Also, if this virus is as bad as people claim, why do we not see or find any bio-hazard waste disposal sites for these potentially deadly masks? I see them on the ground, tossed in the trash, etc. For everyone who likes to say that doctors use masks, that proves they work, let me say, doctors and dentists have bio-hazard waste units for disposing of masks and needles and anything that came into contact with blood, saliva, or biological tissue. If they use the bio-hazard waste containers, we should also, but we don’t.  

Lastly, some people act as if if I don’t wear a mask, and I slightly cough, an entire building of people could get covid and die.  If this is true, then why is it if I want to get tested, they take a Q-tip and shove it so far up my nose, they pretty much touch my brain? Why can’t I just simply cough into the petri dish on which they will rub that Q-tip? And if I am not sick, how will I kill people? Most, if not all, of these questions I have asked many times to many people. As of yet, no one has answered them all, or any for that matter, and provided zero evidence.  Outside of, “Because I believe it,” or “The news media thinks for me,” type of replies, with no actual evidence to back up their claims, I haven’t gotten answers.
Rick Beaudin.