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32 thoughts on “Comments, Requests, Whining”

  1. thanks tons for tips on talking to Mormons…the LORD wants them to be saved, also–in John 3:16, & many other Scripture verses “whoever” includes ANY & ALL people who will accept Jesus as Lord!

  2. great show again today! very much enjoyed listening to your friend Allison (sp?); will pray she doesn’t remain stubborn & refuses to accept Jesus.

    1. on 145:14, that these verses continue the general theme of the chapter (i.e., the goal of becoming more aware of God's gr)asnetse. Thus, anyone (or any creature, for that matter) who is raised up or fed can know that it was God Who stands behind it. Of course there are those who starve or remain bent over, but our chapter is concerned with tools for achieving greater awareness of what God does do, not what He doesn't (that's a matter for other sources).

  3. truly appreciate your exposing another false prophet (rob bell/hell, lol) as i’d never heard of him. i’ve always had a tendency to ignore popular writers, but especially do ignore them now since reading/continuing to read the BIBLE. GOD’s WORD warns us about false prophets & mockers…Lam. 2:14; Jer. 14:14; Mt. 7:15, 24:11, 24; Mk. 13:22; Lk. 6:26; 2Pe. 2:1; 1Jn. 4:1 & 2Pe. 3:3 “But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the LORD Who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction.” can’t get more clear than that!

  4. terrific show!– your interview with gosnell movie producer was informative, even though short. i don’t do facebook, so am delighted you’ll provide a link & hope every Christian will support this project & donate at least $1.

  5. i wouldn’t fall asleep during your reading of koran (thanks for doing so)…major snore sessions when i tried to read it, lol; it’s filled only with negatives & horrible writing style to boot.

  6. I was about to read the article about Christians fighting for truth, but stopped when you refrerenced ‘spineless girls.’ I think the point about taking a stand against evil is right on, but using misogynistic language is not. Cowardice is not synonymous with being a girl. I know of many brave girls and not so brave boys, and vice versa. Not only is it insulting to generalize like that, it doesn’t represent a godly perspective.

    1. If you choose to reject everything I said, or wont read what I wrote because I said spineless Girls, then I guess your missing out. I grew up in a day and Age where people were not P.C. and we did not get offended by every little thing said. I am tired of everyone being offended by everything ever said and or done.

  7. FaygalePerhaps you care to explain to your fellow readers what exactly you mean by Zionism?After all, you have made the claim that this site “attracts mostly Jews not committed to Zionism { or committed to watered down leftist Zionism ]. I for one would be curious to know how you have come to this coSusclion?nupport this comment 0

  8. Enjoyed your show a lot. I heard it earlier this week and caught only a few of the words of your song, but guess what? This week I wondered if, after offending my hairdresser in an emotional exchange about homosexuality that maybe I should consider myself unwelcome. Then, there was the line “I’m not goin’ down that easy!” I was on my way to a defeat, or to silence myself the next time I go,but since then I got a possible Idea of how I could reintroduce some thoughts about how people can talk about emotionally charged issues and learn how to think independently. It just shows how a well placed encouragement like that song can help turn the tide. This second time I heard all the words and just want to Thank you for that song. I’ m glad too that you used Michael Youssef’s points because I watch him on Sundays on the internet. Blessings from Sweden. Victoria

  9. How God can use people’s lives to help one another! He did that with you this weekend in a mighty way. I am one of those spineless girls (or should I say recovering spineless girls) that one person commented about above (missed that show). It helps to see and feel the contrast in another human being, like a model. I will never be you, but that is the point you made – that you are not Pastor Chik, you are you. As God raises me up to be who He made me to be, I will get the blessing of letting it rub off on others, but now, in a good way. If I can never ever imagine that and insist that it is impossible, oh the time I have wasted! Thank you for letting Him use you even when it takes a risk. P.S. Great help with the homosexual discussion – seems obvious, but I missed those 1st points completely. THANKS!

  10. This is a 2-part reply. I had to work on Sat and missed the show when it aired, then caught almost all the program later & replied right away because I was so thankful. The second time around I got the whole thing and that last part was important to the whole. The point of whether you say the truth in a nice way or go for the throat, it will not make a bit of difference to a scorner. If I tiptoe around it doesn’t make it better and the antidote would be the Word of God put right in the middle of the discussion. That way we get to the point, and His point not mine. Your approach helped tremendously and I will check out your earlier shows. Timely because I have a hair appointment tomorrow. Thank you for acknowledging me too, Rick. It felt great. Appreciate you and what you are doing there. All the best, Victoria

  11. Hi Rick,
    I just heard your show today and I am blown away! That song for one thing! I am not afraid of anything when you burn like a fire inside…. I am stoked because of what just happened before I turned on your show. I met with the folks that were the inspiration behind your Christian Science show. I have never been so bold in my life, ever. I told them how you have to be saved through Jesus Christ, and that I want them to be with me in heaven. That, yes, there is a heaven and hell, that they could read the whole Bible and it takes only 80 hours, and a lot of other things. Although they were not positively influenced by what I said, when I look back, even with my delivery being rough around the edges, when I see that they were not going to be persuaded anyway, I don’t feel ashamed that I said what I did so straightforwardly and passionately. I am thankful that I got to have the experience of standing up for the truth without reservation. They could not accept what Pastor Chik said about Christian Science, but the show helped me because it laid the issues on the table.
    I get such a kick out of your style and am laughing joyously about your use of violent examples like “what if I clobbered you with a baseball bat…” not literally, but to make a point – your wife saying “you can’t think of any other example?” – your reply to her – it’s refreshing to hear somebody talk like that. I think we need to hear this and it acts as a balance to the other end of the spectrum – the tip toe through the tulips approach. I won’t tell you how old I am, but your image of me – a little old lady head banging to the music I never heard before – not far off, which makes it all the more fun. You are doing a good work! Thank you. Victoria

  12. Dear Rick,
    Because of Easter I missed the last show – the one show I wish I would have heard live!!! I just heard it now and am so blessed and acknowledged by you sharing my life like that. God bless you. You are an encouragement over and over again – sowing seeds of boldness through conversation, example and music. I can hardly believe myself today compared to 2 months ago. I have said some things that were truthful about what I believe from God’s Word that I never would have dared to say before. I am not like you when you say “I don’t care what they think” because I do care what they think, but not because I love them so much as I should, but because I am afraid of them and things can strike terror in my heart as I approach a situation where I know I should say something. It turns out to be actually liberating instead of trying to side-step a question, like “Does the Bible say homosexuality is wrong?” to just blurt out, yes it does. I used to rehearse in my head a long explanation that I could say first. to hopefully soften the blow so they would not get mad when I finally did answer the question. I wasted hours on these imaginings because there is no way to make ” yes it’s wrong” sound good to someone who disagrees. Plus I just never had the conversations after all that rehearsing in my head. Rick, you are being a champion for the faith there, and building up the believers. Thank you for the great encouragement I am getting. Fight the good fight. In Christ, Victoria

  13. Hi Rick,
    Love your style, love your freedom. Thank you for giving me a chance to share with you. When one reads between the lines, they see a man who would give his all for a friend. I respect that you let fly with what comes to mind – it gave me exactly the peace of mind I needed in an “on the spot” situation – coming in with just the right energy and tension to keep the conversation going along at a good pace. You are very fun and an inspiration for me. God bless you and thank you again, Victoria

  14. Maybe it was obvious to everyone but your invitation to send in questions to you or Pastor Chik or Gunny, was good to hear. Thank you for that. I saw how helpful you were with me, but I wondered if I should be more considerate of your time.

    1. Hello Victoria, You were wondering if you should be more considerate of my time? Dont worry about that, according to scripture we are commanded to give every man an answer that asks for the hope that lies with in us. So if you ask questions, and I think to myself, this person is a burden, then I am in the wrong. Jesus never turned people away from asking questions. I also need to remember, I was once young and did not know much, therefore I would ask questions. Lastly. If I invite people to ask questions, then get upset when people do, that makes me a liar, hypocrite, and I simply should stop inviting people to do so. So please, dont feel bothered or ever wonder, are you wasting my time, I here to help anyone that asks. Rick

  15. What a fantastic show, Rick, on the 24th. I was so encouraged by that! It was like a beacon or a light on a hill. My perspective has changed about witnessing. I just have been ill-prepared and that is the problem. But you offered the solution when you were writing Ryan – keep reading the Word, learning,and you will grow. I no longer have to say – I don’t know what God wants me to do – I know, I just have not prepared myself to do it. But I am on my way now and am encouraged that with prayer, study, diligently seeking Him, I will see the results. That is good to know when you are starting out and have so far to go – that it is going to work. Outstanding show and great finishing song. Praying for you! Victoria

  16. Really loved that show, Rick. I think when one person takes a step forward like you did, we are all taken up a notch. I am so encouraged by that information about your work and your discussions with people on Facebook and how you are handling the arguments. It really is time we stand up and we know it. Hearing how you do it really does help. Thanks for putting together that piece for us related to Judgement. God mightily bless your broadcast!

  17. To the person who posted 4 fake replies and thought, I am to stupid to know they were fake, well they were not approved and were marked as spam and deleted. I know they were fake, I just will not share the mistakes you made, lest you try again. Nice try though.

  18. I am blown away. This comparison with the Christian walk and Krav Maga, only God could have predicted that because it was exactly what the doctor ordered for me. First of all suddenly again some people have shown up in my life and I was not prepared. The first encounter I blew, the second one I will get right because I realized the reason I blew it the first time is I was not expecting it and that threw me off. The Krav Maga comparison, how you train for people coming at you from several directions, and comparing that with the spiritual life, gives a picture I can work with, of how to live the spiritual life, being prepared for what comes, expecting it. The other thing was what you said about sometimes we just have to do the hard thing. God had been preparing me for that this morning, and hearing the show reinforced, from another person, that it can be done. This was a dramatic presentation – thanks a lot for following through on this idea.

  19. There are multiple views of eschatology. When one examines them in detail to understand the differences, it quickly becomes clear that they cannot all be correct. Some say it doesn’t matter, but saved believers are promised in God’s word to be led by the Holy Spirit to the truth. So, I’d say it does matter.

    In my earlier Christian days, I had accepted the futurist view called Premillennialism, and specifically the pre-trib rapture version. However, as I began to attempt to prove it from God’s word and only using God’s Word I began to see it has some glaring problems. And as I more thoroughly and diligently studied God’s word myself, laying down the words of men, who I had formerly considered experts (because that’s how they had presented themselves and I had no reason to question their claims), I found more and more holes, contradictions and eisegesis being used in their eschatalogical model and knew it could not be true.

    So, I took my dilemma to prayer, humbly confessing to God that I needed Him to show me the truth from his word without the additions of the false teachers I had been trusting. That was when the Holy Spirit began to teach me, and the first thing I was shown is confirmation that the Premillennial views are not only incorrect, but are part of a grand deception, one into which all in this generation have been born. And it does matter!

    I won’t attempt to detail everything I could here — most don’t have the attention span to receive it all in one sitting, if it could even be absorbed that quickly or by such a method — I do believe prayer and time spent awaiting God’s answers are essential for understanding things of faith — but I would focus on just one very important aspect here and pray that someone who wants to know the truth and believes it is important will begin a journey similar to my own.

    The Premillennial views have wrongly interpreted the prophecy found in Daniel 9, and in doing so, have stolen fulfilled prophecies which glorify Jesus and instead, attributed them to a future Antichrist figure. This is no less than blasphemous, attributing the works of Jesus to “future works of the Antichrist.”

    Hopefully, someone will invest about 30 minutes to watch 4 short videos that explain the correct interpretation of the Daniel 9 prophecy, which renders Premillennialism a useless piece of garbage, at best, but more importantly, one of the biggest deceptions to enter Christianity in the past 200 years.

    But, if your mind is already made up, I certainly do understand — that was once the position I was in before God gave me a good shaking and wakeup call and led me to the truth.

    This takes less than 30 minutes total but I sincerely hope that you will be given the desire to dig deeper into God’s Word and prayer with a fresh perspective. Those who do will greatly benefit. Truth is a gem more valuable than any other.

    God speed.

    End Time Prophecy Essentials:

    1. I am making people aware, I believe the view being posted above is false, and it is in fact them that has been deceived and walked away from the faith, not found the truth as they have said. I am posting the above post, because it is everyone’s job to follow Acts 17:11 and search the scripture. Its not my job to think for others, I can only share my views. This person is not posting things like, Advertisements or Porn, so I posted it and will leave it to each person to search these things out for themselves, while making people aware, I believe its false. Here is a pastor and website that does a great job covering this subject with updates and the Bible.

      In the 4 videos, that supposedly refute a pre-wrath rapture, 2 of them do not say who they are, they just provide info, so I cannot check any sources to see who I am listening to and check if they are wolves or not, I can only go off of what they say, right then and their. In a 3rd video, the guy sounds like a preterist, which is a false teacher, and the 4th video looks to be from Non-Christian Jews, who do not believe the Book of Daniel to be prophetic. I could be wrong, but thats how these videos come off to me.

  20. Hi Rick, I am just wondering if you plan to keep this website active. In light of Bible Radio ending I am working on finding other things to listen to. However, your show is one that I don’t want to do without and I know there are many archived shows that I have never listened to. Thus I want to know that this website is not going to suddenly disappear while I work on listening to the older shows. Thanks. P.S. Andrew says to tell you that your show is our dog’s favorite. She must like your voice. He thinks it is funny and wanted you to know. If we turn your show off prematurely she throws a fit.

  21. Thank you for taking the time to do this, Rick. I am learning more than I ever knew there was to learn. I rarely know how I want to respond to what I’m hearing. Still, I wanted you to know that you are being heard. Lord bless.

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