I was born and raised in Michigan.  Growing up, I was raised an atheist and never went to church.  I really was a hateful child growing up; I hated the world and was in so much trouble I needed to see a shrink when I was 5 years old.  When I was around ten or eleven, my parents moved to the state of Maine.  I lived there for about 11 years.  Up in Maine, all I did was cause trouble, drink, and run from the police.  I was so rotten that I had a restraining order issued for me from a pastor of a local church.  I was kicked out of two different high schools and one of them told me that If I ever came back, I would have a restraining order put on me and be arrested.

My father had finally had enough of me.  He brought me down to the local Army recruiter.  They gave me a written test, which I failed, and they turned me away.  My dad kicked me out of his house when I was 16 years old.  I then lived on the streets of Maine for almost a year,  I then joined the fair and traveled as a carny in Vermont for about 3 months, but there was a guy who was supposedly a child molester who really seemed to like me, so I went back to Maine.
Later on, I hitchhiked from Maine to Texas.  That was an adventure!  I lived on the streets of Texas for about 3 months and hitchhiked back to Maine.

At some point along this time, my brother got saved and gave his life to the Lord.  He would share Jesus with me,  but I told him I wanted nothing to do with religion.  His friends would share Jesus with me, and I also told them I wanted nothing to do with Jesus.  When I was growing up, I lived in a day where men were men, they spoke their minds, and no one cared if you were offended by what they said.   If you were, well that was just too bad.  So, after years of doing my own thing and running out of money and things to do, my brother told me that he and a friend of his were heading to Chicago and going to a place called Jesus People USA and to Cornerstone Music Festival. While I was there, I gave my life to the Lord and started reading my Bible.   I was at the Jesus People Ministry for maybe 6 months, I did not really like some of the rules and caused some trouble.  It was at the Ministry that I met my wife.  We were just talking and getting to know each other when I was asked to leave for all the trouble I caused.

I lived on the streets of Chicago for about 6 months.  My soon-to-be wife moved back home to Minnesota and, after a while, I hitchhiked up to Minnesota and hung out with her.  I went back to Chicago lived on the streets and would write her letters.  I finally moved to MN and went to school for culinary arts.  A couple years later I married my girlfriend.  We were going to a church that did not teach the Word of God and only gave the pastor’s favorite messages.  So I prayed and felt God calling us back to Maine.  We went to a church that did teach the Word of God, verses by verse, chapter by chapter.  The pastor was a real man, who loved Jesus and loved fighting.  Prior to going to his church, I knew him through my brother for many years before.  It was this pastor and some friends who got me started in fighting.

Along the way, after I gave my life to the Lord, I met various people in cults.  I met JW’s, atheists, satanists, and Muslims and had no problem confronting these people and asking questions, but I never met Mormons or knew anything about them.  One day I met some Mormon missionaries and spoke with them.  After speaking with them, I really felt God calling me to share the gospel with them and make them my main ministry.  I have been sharing and studying Mormonism now for going on about 16 years.

After being called to share Jesus with Mormons, I felt called back to Minnesota to continue my ministry.  I told my pastor and asked about Calvary Chapels in Minnesota.  I made a call to the pastor of the church we’re at now.  I told him who I was, why I was coming back, and that he would be my pastor.  I have been back here in Minnesota since March of 2000.

I have learned to not just blindly believe everything I hear, but to search, study, and ask questions.  As a result, I have learned a lot and God has used me to witness to many people in cults and atheists.  I love debating people who are opposed to the gospel of Jesus and sharing with them.  I also am a chef and baker.  I  have been cooking professionally for almost 30 years.  I love Fighting.  I did Ju-Jistu and  Judo for about 6-7 years and love the UFC.  I could not tell my entire story in a short space, and I would not even if I could.  I was a vile sinner and now I am saved by the grace and love of Jesus Christ.  Feel free to write me with any questions about my life or how to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior.