Welcome to the┬ásite for “Fighting for Truth” radio program. Fighting and Truth are two things I love. Men were made to fight – not just for fighting’s sake, but fight for their families, for honor, for the defense of the good against wicked people. Or in my case, fight for the defense of the truth against liars, thieves, and charlatans.

Most men today don’t fight. They don’t care to, they don’t want to, or it’s not how they were raised. Regardless of the excuses, it’s plain to see that deception is winning hearts and minds every day. That’s where this radio program comes in. I want to fight against what I see as a tidal wave of lies out there, lies that can easily be dispelled by the truth that’s in God’s Word, the Bible. Through commentary, reviews, interesting guests, and any means possible, I aim to bring the truth to you every week.